Our Mission

We are committed to engaging with the complex emotional lives of children and families.

Maintaining high quality services

We are responsible for regulating the training and practice of child and adolescent psychotherapy. We monitor and oversee the training of child and adolescent psychotherapists at our five recognised training schools and administer a stringent set of rules, code of professional conduct and ethics, disciplinary procedures and training quality standards.

Improving access to child and adolescent psychotherapy

Through our Media Centre work we are working to raise awareness of the importance of children and young people's mental health and increase access for children and families to child and adolescent psychotherapy services within the public sector, including the NHS, schools and social services.

Safeguarding the skills and interests of our members

We work to safeguard the interests of our 890 members and the profession by ensuring that their training and practice are of the highest standard. We support their continuing professional development and advocate on their behalf at a local, regional and national government level, including close involvement in moves towards voluntary regulation of the profession.