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Young people, parents and families

One in ten children and young people suffer from mental health disorders, including emotional and behavioural problems. Many more have less severe difficulties that can affect the way they develop, learn and have relationships. Such children and young people may respond to people and situations in ways they do not understand and cannot control. Their emotions can be very powerful and are often expressed through their behaviour, which can cause distress to themselves and those around them.

Parents, carers and other family members can feel overwhelmed by a child or young person’s difficulties. Specialist mental health professionals such as child and adolescent psychotherapists can help make sense of a child or young person’s difficulties and their impact on the family. The space to explore the relationships within the family in a supportive environment can result in improvements in the quality of life within the family.

To find out more about the way child and adolescent psychotherapists work and how they can help your family visit the following pages:

“Why didn’t anyone ask me and my mum these questions before? I’ve been waiting such a long time for someone to help me understand. I’ve been so lonely, like I’m the only one who feels like this. You don’t seem phased, it’s like I’m not that crazy, it all has a reason.”

Teenager seen by child psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital – now re-taking A-levels

“My son is developing better than we could ever have imagined and I am very proud to say that. He’s now able to be at the local school, which we could not have imagined before.”  

Father whose adoptive son was seen by a child psychotherapist in CAMHS

“Since I started coming to therapy, I have learned to find my own voice, I now keep a journal and draw and feel that I am good at stuff. It’s weird how I just couldn’t see it before….I feel like I can belong after all.”  

Adopted 13-year-old boy