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International Links

The Association of Child Psychotherapists has a number of members working abroad and maintains important links with psychotherapists around the world.

Under European legislation adopted by the UK in 2007, we are also the body responsible for the recognition of qualifications for child and adolescent psychotherapists from the European Union who wish to work in the UK.

The ACP and the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (EFPP)

We are a member of the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the Public Sector (EFPP). The EFPP is an umbrella organisation which works to promote unified standards of training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, to support European countries where trainings are still emerging, and to promote the exchange of information about practice, research and theoretical developments in the field.

The EFPP is divided into four sections: child and adolescent; adult; group; and family and couple. It has 24 full member countries with some associate members whose trainings do not yet meet the minimum standards laid down by the organisation. Each full member country appoints two delegates per section to attend a delegates’ meeting every two years, and each section in turn appoints two members to the Executive Committee, which meets twice a year.

If you have any queries about child and adolescent psychotherapy in other European countries, please email Cathy Troupp, the ACP’s Europe representative, at:

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