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News archive

2014 News:

In May child and adolescent psychotherapist Hilary Ann Salinger contributed her expert opinion to a real life scenario featured in the Guardian’s Problem Solved column.
A mother had written in asking for advice after struggling to find support for her six-year-old son when he experienced outbursts of rage at home.
In the article Hilary advises the child’s parent to continue being “firm and understanding in a kind and compassionate way – this is what builds their mental health.” You can read it in full here.

2013 News:


2012 News:

The College of Social Work Magazine: ACP member Stuart Hannah was interviewed for an article about how social workers trained in forms of psychotherapy could offer a blueprint for the  therapeutic professionals envisaged post-Munro. Read Therapeutic Social Work article

YoungMinds: Two ACP members made valuable contributions to the summer 2012 issue. Nick Midgley submitted a summary of his presentation given at the New Savoy Partnership conference in 2011. The article, ‘The credible evidence quandry’, argued that we must cast our net wider when establishing what therapies work best for children and young people with mental health problems. Read the article The credible evidence quandry

A second article, Lost for words, was written by Jeanne Magagna who oversaw the compiling of a book detailing the thoughts of mute children, their parents and the professionals who worked with them. In the article she explains what inspired her. Read the article Lost for words

Coram – infancy contact in adoption and fostering: building on research by ACP member Jenny Kenrick, this children’s charity has been raising awareness of the impact on vulnerable infants subject to care proceedings of contact arrangements ordered for them. Read Coram’s response to the Department for Education’s Review of Contact Arrangements for Children in Care (August 2012), which highlights the need for improved guidance to ensure the infant’s experience is taken into account when making contact arrangements.

2011 News:

Child psychotherapist and former ACP chair, Beverley Tydeman, was interviewed in YoungMinds magazine (February/March) about the roll out of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme to children and young people. Read the article in full here.