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Membership Subscription Fees 2014

Below are the different membership subscription categories we offer at the ACP, available only to members who have already established their ACP eligibility. If you wish to update your subscription, then please login and click on the ‘Upgrade membership’ link on the right hand side.


  • Category 1 : Fully retired, affiliated, temporarily not working
  • Category 2 : Band 6, trainee
  • Category 3 : Band 7, 8A, 8B, independent**, voluntary sector, overseas
  • Category 4 : Band 8C, 8D, 9, independent**

*If your work falls into more than one category, please select the one that most closely reflects your overall pay level and status.

** those working privately may choose between Categories 3 and 4 based on which range they judge their income to be within


Please note that we are not taking payments for ACP membership at this time. We will update you with further details shortly.


Please confirm the following

Before you can proceed with your membership application, please confirm one of the following (note that if you have not completed and submitted your CPD forms, you will be redirected to the homepage):

I confirm I have completed and submitted my CPD forms for the period 2012/13. I have not completed and submitted my CPD forms for the period 2012/13. NOTE: Up to-date CPD requirements are necessary for membership. Please refer to elsewhere on the website or contact the Membership Committee if guidance is needed.