ACP achieves 2,000 Twitter followers

The ACP has achieved its milestone target of 2,000 followers on Twitter and its success on social media looks set to continue.

With a total of 2,125 tweets to date, people following the ACP have a combined total of 20,857,335 followers which means when its tweets are retweeted it can have a very wide range of audience.

For example, NHS England (London) follows the ACP, and has 35,266 followers as does Mental Health Foundation with 64.1K followers.

@ACPbulletin followers have 23 different native languages, with 93 per cent English speaking; the next biggest groups represented are Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

The majority of @ACPbulletin followers are mental health professionals, including adult psychotherapists and psychologists as well as counselling and therapeutic organisations.

Well done to Georgina Taylor for all her hard work on successfully building the ACP's Twitter account to this size.

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