ACP annual conference highlights the strengths of psychoanalytic work with children


This year’s ACP Annual Conference 2016, held in London, was a big success according to feed back from members. The theme: ‘Staying Rooted; Branching Out’: Challenges and developments in technique and practice, was both relevant and inspiring.

Conference Chairs, Trudy Klauber and Matthew Jenkins talked about the opportunity of coming together as a profession to learn from each other and consider how we continue to grow as a clinical profession, as well remembering our heritage – delivering psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children for over 60 years.

Speakers included: Anne Alvarez, Monica Lanyado, Margaret Rustin, Jocelyn Catty, Heather Stewart and Isobel Pick, Marie Zaphiriou-Woods and Inge Pretorius, Maria Pozzi and Sara Micotti, Viviane Green, Claudia de Campos, Elizabeth Edginton, Jo Russell, Gillian Sloan, Jane Elfer and team and Lynda Miller.

The themes linked to reflections for technique were: Working with depressed adolescents and their infants; the therapeutic relationship and transitional phenomena; Anna Freudian psychoanalytic toddler groups; challenges and changes to the ACP and the profession. Presentations linked to branching out were: Psychoanalytic trainings in China; working with dissociation and psychosis; building on the body of Evidence, such as the IMPACT study on depression in adolescents and new RCTs for child psychotherapy; the complexities of working with Female Genital Mutilation; psychoanalysis and mindfulness; psychoanalytic work in schools and hospitals and measuring the psychoanalytic method.

The conference was well attended and members expressed enthusiasm for having the opportunity to think deeply about their work within the context today’s challenges in the field of child mental health. The range of topics of the presentations highlighted the richness of the training of psychoanalytic psychotherapists, but also their vast experience in such a range of specialist and generic treatments they offer.

The ACP Chair and Executive Committee would very much like to thank the the Programme Planning Committee (PPC) for all their hard work and the PPC Chairs, who are stepping down. Thanks go to them for organizing this and other annual conferences and for all they have done to make these events so successful. Other photos will be available in the member's section under the Annual Conference 2016 and reviews will follow in the ACP Bulletin themed issue in October.