ACP Chair attends policy round table event on mental health and the couple relationship

Heather Stewart (Chair) recently attended a policy roundtable event at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR) on Integrating Approaches to parenting, mental health and couple relationships to improve the life chances of children.

Heather reports that "this was a very informative meeting with a presentation from Professors Carolyn and Philip Cowan, University of California, Berkeley, talking about this new evidence-based theoretical approach. TCCR has been rolling out a programme in London and Salford offering groupwork to parents as couples and its initial findings are very encouraging. For child psychotherapists, who understand the importance of working with parents alongside the child, but the focus on giving particular focus to the parents as a couple seems very helpful.

For the summary of findings, read here

"As child psychotherapists working in the NHS, we often find ourselves (in parent sessions) working with some very depressed and ill adults, in a system where there is very little opportunity for children's and adult mental health services to talk to each other, never mind work with each other. Working together with parents as partners is vital, if we are to address the root causes of mental illness in families."