ACP Chair's message for Time to Talk Day

ACP Chair Heather Stewart has issued a public response in support for this year's Time to Talk Day - a national initiative aimed at getting everyone talking together on one day about mental health in a bid to dispel misconceptions about it.

Heather said: "In these increasingly pressurised times, where there is such an emphasis on exam results and "looking good", and where mental health problems, particularly in adolescence, are on the increase, I cannot stress enough the importance of creating space for young people to talk and to be listened to and understood.

"Even in many CAMH services there is now an emphasis on throughput and finding solutions quickly rather than allowing time and space for children and young people to open up and have the space to explore their many faceted problems.

"Psychoanalytic child psychotherapy has traditionally been the treatment of choice for children with early trauma and damaging relationships. I hope that those who are commissioning mental health services for children and young people will stay aware of the importance of  talking therapies and ensuring that there is indeed  "time to talk"."

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) has also issued a statement outlining its support for Time to Talk Day.

Christine Braithwaite, the Authority's director of standards and policy, said: "It is important that people who need support are able to access counselling and psychotherapy services from people they can trust to be competent and safe. We recommend choosing someone who is either a regulated health professional or is on an Accredited Register."

Read the PSA statement in full here