ACP comment on C&YP Mental Health Taskforce report

ACP welcomes Taskforce report but calls for a halt on 'service redesigns' in CAMHS in the wake of crippling cuts to senior posts

Responding to the publication today (17 March) of the Children and Young People's Mental Health Taskforce report, ACP chair Heather Stewart said: "The ACP welcomes the fact that the Taskforce report is putting children and young people's mental health at the top of the agenda and is calling for joined up services and ensuring that we listen to children.

"The ACP can only hope that as we go forward, there is a recognition of the severe cuts that have been made to services in the last few years and indeed that are ongoing, in particular the loss of senior, experienced psychoanalytically trained child and adolescent psychotherapists to many services, because of short-sighted ideas about reducing budgets.

"The downgrading and redundancies of many senior posts have left the most vulnerable children at risk of going without appropriate treatment.

"In welcoming this report the ACP asks that we press the pause button on 'service redesigns' in CAMHS and the year on year reductions in staff, to ensure not only that we keep the best available treatments for children and young people but that we restore staff morale."



Taskforce report

I am so pleased that Heather was able to respond so quickly to the report but I am feeling very frustrated having read through the entire 'Future in Mind' report this evening to see 1) barely a mention of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, and 2) no real recognition of the devastation that the ongoing public service cuts have caused and that these are likely to continue to have a massive impact on families as well as social care, primary care and CAMHS.  There seems to be a lack of understanding that infant, child and adolescent mental health has a context. Is there a way of communicating more clearly our concerns to both the present and the incoming government?