The ACP continues with an ABC of children's mental health. This week we are looking at H for HELP!

Due to popular demand, the ACP's ABC of children's mental health continues with H for Help. ACP member, Judith Edwards, has written a leaflet guide to psychotherapy for children with a note for parents and carers, called HELP! It covers the way that child psychotherapists work and how help is available.

The leaflet talks about what a child can expect from a psychotherapy session and names what they might be feeling.

"Some meetings will be set up - the adults will do this. You and your parents or carers, or other people who are thinking about you, and are often also very unhappy that you are unhappy, will meet with the therapist, to try to work out what’s going on right now. The therapist will also meet a few times just with you, to see if this way of working is good for you, feels OK, interesting, worth trying - even a bit of an adventure." 

Another ACP member who uses the leaflet said:

I continue to use the leaflet and find it extremely helpful. The sympathetic tone with its straightforward language and its clarity in terms of the process makes the leaflet accessible to young people, parents and teaching staff in the school where I work. My clients do not always understand my description of what psychotherapy is and how it works but on receiving your leaflet they invariably respond with an 'aha'.  I believe that not enough people know about it. 

You can download a pdf of the leaflet here, or for a hard copy, the ACP will have some available at their annual conference.