ACP Executive News Update on the risk to patients when posts are suddenly cut

The Executive Committee, as required by the Professional Standards Authority, looked at our risk matrix (ie any risks that we could identify that might have an impact on our capacity to protect the public) and decided that it needed to be updated to incorporate the concerns that many senior child psychotherapists are being made redundant from their posts with consequences for children in treatment.  Cost-cutting measures continue to be applied to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the NHS. It was felt that it could be a risk to patients if treatment is closed prematurely without the offer of an alternative equivalent form of treatment. As psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a relation-based treatment, it is not easily replaceable and interruptions to treatment could have detrimental impacts on parents, carers and children. It was agreed that the Chair would draft an outline of this risk and that the ACP would lobby the new government to highlight the risks currently being posed to children and young people by cuts that are based on costs alone rather than on quality of service and needs of patients.