ACP expert advice published in The Guardian

This month two ACP members - Stuart Hannah and Ryan Lowe - contributed their time and expertise to respond to real-life scenarios featured in the Guardian's Problem Solved page.

In the first case Stuart offers his advice to a mother whose ex-husband - living abroad - writes annual letters to their son which she feels are not age-appropriate. She asks when is a good time and age to let her six-year-old son read the communication from his father.

Stuart advises the woman to be "guided by your child's lead and his curiosity" and recommends that the mother act as "translator, you may need to emotionally translate [the letters] and soften the blow." Read the article in full here

In the second scenario Ryan deals with the case of a mother who is concerned about her husband's harsh attitude to managing the behaviour of their two young children: "he sees nothing wrong with smacking, grabbing, dragging them by the wrist..."

Ryan says: "The extremity of his punishments with even very young children, leads me to believe that he is either acting from experience of his own childhood or from some extreme anxiety about his children, possibly both." Read the article in full here