ACP holds first event in its new Talking Series

The first event in the ACP's new Talking Series, the brainchild of Media and Communications Lead Alison Roy, took place in London on 24 June.

A group of adopted young people met representatives from the ACP, BPC and selected journalists to talk about their views of mental health, their experiences in CAMHS and their thoughts about the "Future in Mind" strategy.

Their overwhelming view was: "We need a space to talk and adults who will listen. We don't need diagnoses and pills."

Commenting on the event, ACP Media and Communications Lead Alison Roy, said: "Creating opportunities for young people to tell us what works and why with regards to mental health is crucial if we are going to build services they can access and benefit from.

"We are hearing from more young people who say they don't want labels, they want someone to take the time to understand them and help them with their difficulties. The pressure to provide a quick fix comes at a cost to building a meaningful therapeutic relationship - the very thing we know is evidenced across the board, as being most effective in bringing about lasting change."

The ACP hopes to follow on from the success of this event by planning another session soon providing young people the chance to air their views.