ACP members wrote article about adoption and the importance of stability

Child psychotherapsists Sophie Boswell and Lynne Cudmore wrote an article on adoption for the Guardian

As two child psychotherapists working in a social work team, they became concerned about the impact these abrupt moves were having on the children and decided to write about it. The sudden loss, they argue, is likely to leave children bewildered, distressed and fearful of future losses – not the best position from which to try to build a trusting relationship with their new parents.

They could see that the adults involved were sensitive and thoughtful people whose aim was to make the transition as painless as possible. And yet, when the time came, these rigid procedures appeared to be adhered to blindly, with no one able to say exactly why this clean break approach was best, and nobody confident enough to try another way. 

As a result of their understanding about these issues, they began work on a research project into why moves were carried out in this way. Through analysing semi-structured interviews with social workers, foster carers and adopters, they identified a "blind spot" in people’s minds that prevented them from seeing what was going on with the child on an emotional level.

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