ACP Supports the Primary School Assessment campaign event: More Than a Score

The ACP was represented at an event for teachers, researchers and parents, campaigning to change the way children are assessed in schools. Alison Roy, the ACP Media and Communications Director, spoke as part of a panel, about the affect of constant testing on young minds. "Children as young as five are talking about feelings stressed, when they should be thriving in an environment which allows them to learn through exploratory play and secure relationships with teaching staff." 

A parent on the panel described how her six year old son didn't want to go to school as he found the learning too hard. All asked for a re-think on primary assessment and the testing regime, with a greater emphasis on social and emotional development and an awareness of what constant and sometimes meaningless testing, does to the mental health of children. Watch a short film about the event here:

For more information about the campaign see: