ACP tells members that urgent action is needed to oppose the threat to education funding

ACP responds to Department of Health consultation on education funding

ACP tells members that urgent action is needed to oppose the threat to funding for Child Psychotherapy training.  The Government is currently consulting on the reform of healthcare student funding and has proposed that nursing, midwifery and allied health students will no longer receive NHS bursaries or slaries and will, instead, have access to the same student loans system as other students. Whilst at this stage reform is limited to the professions indicated, the government is working with Health Education England (HEE) and other delivery organisations to consider the delivery models and funding options for other healthcare professions.

This could well include ACP-accredited child psychotherapy training, so the the ACP is launching a lobbying campaign to persuade the Department of Health not to change or cut the current training funding.To do this successfully, the ACP needs the support of members to a) respond to the consultation and b) write to all those with influence in their area, see template letters here.

Members can access the response to Question 12 in the online survey here.  We would encourage you to send in your own response, using ours as a starting point if you wish. The deadline for responses consultation is 30th June. We are encouraging supporters of child psychotherapy and ACP members, to send letters and emails to claridy for Ministers and officials the damaging impact any reduction in funding support for trainees would mean to the provision of child mental health services in your area.

Please let the ACP know how you have got on as it helps us to build a national picture, identify supporters and follow up where appropriate. You can email this to: