'Breastfeeding keeps my four-year-old's ADHD at bay, so I won't stop'

Alison Roy, ACP Media and Communications Lead, has been interviewed by the Telegraph for an article about a mother who continues to breastfeed her four-year-old son as she is convinced it alleviates his symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

"Breastfeeding is as effective as drugs for keeping his symptoms under control," says Vickie Krevatin who changed her career to work at home so she could look after her son Jessy. "I dread to think where we would be without breastmilk."

The mother said her son was diagnosed with ADHD in February and has been taking Equasym XL since March. "It has helped him focus and he is making progress," she says. But, she maintains, breastfeeing is also vital in helping her son calm down.

Alison advises: "It could be Jessy has worked out a reassuring, regular form of contact wtih his mother that has helped him to self-regulate his emotions. But children with ADHD still need to separate from their mothers, physically and psychologically, for the healthy development of their personality and capacity for socialisation."

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