Children's residential care review: independent call for evidence

A comprehensive review into children's residential care has been announced by the Government in a bid to find out what works best to improve outcomes.

Headed up by Sir Martin Narey, former CEO of children's charity Barnado's, the review will examine the purpose and role of residential care for young children many of whom lead disadvantaged lives. Looked after children are less likely to do well at school, more likely to be absent or excluded, and more likely to take part in risky behaviour than their classmates.

Sir Martin would like any evidence about: the types of residential care currently provided; what improvements could be made and whether there are better alternatives for children.

Relevant parties being asked to submit evidence include: people running or working in children's homes and other residential settings including secure children's homes, residential schools, secure training centres and young offender establishments.

The ACP is preparing to submit its own response to the review which closes on 31 December. ACP members interested in contributing should get in touch with either Alison or Nina via the contact details on our Press Office page.