12th October, 2015

The BBC reported today that more than a fifth of children referred to child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) in England do not meet the threshold for treatment, this is according to... More

9th October, 2015

World Mental Health Day: ACP, BPC & Refugee Council message                                 ... More

8th October, 2015

The ACP has achieved its milestone target of 2,000 followers on Twitter and its success on social media looks set to continue.With a total of 2,125 tweets to date, people following the ACP have... More

4th October, 2015

In her Self Help Guide to Dealing with Worry, NRM continues to provide strategies for other young people about how to overcome anxiety."Thinking is not merely sitting with one hand on... More

3rd October, 2015

Children are seeking mental health advice on the internet rather than speaking to their school nurse or GP, the Children's Commissioner for England Anne Longfield says.Her claims follow a... More

2nd October, 2015

ACP registrants are advised that a new Find a Therapist section of the website will be going live on 1 December. The move follows improvements to the ACP's management systems and website and this... More

1st October, 2015

ACP member Jenifer Wakelyn has reviewed a new therapeutic story book for children aged between two and six whose parents are struggling with mental health problems.The review, published in Children... More

29th September, 2015

Children who fail to get a good night's sleep have an increased chance of developing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and eating disoders, according to new research published... More

24th September, 2015

Former health minister Paul Burstow is calling on the government to pump more money into tackling a wide range of mental health conditions through its children's mental health investment... More

22nd September, 2015

The latest issue of the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care features an article written by ACP member and child and adolescent psychotherapist Stuart Hannah.Entitled Then and now: How time has... More


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