19th September, 2015

ACP member and child psychotherapist Stuart Hannah has reviewed a new good practice guide for facilitating contact in adoption cases in the latest edition of Children and Young People Now (15-28... More

18th September, 2015

The ACP was among a number of prominent signatories to an open letter published in the Guardian on Thursday this week in response to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's debut at Prime Minister's... More

15th September, 2015

I recently went to the Calais refugee camp as part of a solidarity convoy of 10 cars with ‘Stand up Against Racism’. I was joined by child psychotherapist in training, Mariachiara Zappa,... More

11th September, 2015

News emerged this week that Childline received a call every six minutes last year from a  young person worried about mental health issues.The figures, published in the service's annual... More

11th September, 2015

A quarter of British parents feel lonely and isolated, regularly feeling cut off from friends and other sources of support, according to new research published by charity Action for Children.The... More

10th September, 2015

Alison Roy, ACP Media and Communications Lead, has been interviewed by the Telegraph for an article about a mother who continues to breastfeed her four-year-old son as she is convinced it alleviates... More

10th September, 2015

The ACP has responded to news yesterday that most of Oxfordshire's children's centres will close which follows soon after revelations that more than 100 children's centres... More

8th September, 2015

ACP chair Heather Stewart has been interviewed by online parenting magazine Smallish about a new survey which revealed most children would like to be a teacher when they reach adulthood,... More

8th September, 2015

NICE has published an economic plan, review questions and search strategies for its draft guideline on the transition from children's to adult services for young people using health or... More

25th August, 2015

ACP member Neil Austin provides expert advice to Annalisa Barbieri for her Problem Solved column in the Guardian regarding a 16-year-old girl who has a history... More


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