14th September, 2016

Report by the Women and Equalities Committee exposes the shocking scale of sexual harassment and sexual violence that is not being tackled effectively in English schools. This inquiry has... More

7th September, 2016

Nicholas Dakin, Labour MP, Scunthorpe, asks for Mindfulness in schools to be debated by MPs. He said: "Childhood is a time for acquiring life skills alongside academic knowledge.... More

31st August, 2016

The Government’s report: Delivering our vision for excellent children’s social care was released in last month (July 2016). Back in January 2016 the Department for Education... More

20th August, 2016

 This year’s ACP Annual Conference 2016, held in London, was a big success according to feed back from members. The theme: ‘Staying Rooted; Branching Out’: Challenges... More

12th August, 2016

The Guardian recently printed an Obituary of Elizabeth Spillius, a psychoanalyst who brought the ideas of Melanie Klein to a new generation of analysts, therapists, social workers and students. She... More

12th August, 2016

ACP member, Rachel Melville-Thomas, offers advice for an article in a fashion magazine on how to deal with some of the issues for women dating single dads. The article talks about how... More

18th July, 2016

A recent YoungMinds report ‘Beyond Adversity’ found that schools, social workers, police and NHS staff are among those inadvertently causing children to relive traumas... More

15th July, 2016

Figures from police forces in England and Wales show 4,209 children and young people under 18 were recorded as having committed sexual offences against other young people and children. Although... More

15th July, 2016

A mother asked for advice from Annalisa Barbieri's Problem Solved Column in the Guardian Weekend, about her intelligent, funny and very loving son whose behaviour which "seemed... More

12th July, 2016

Unite completes the submission to the Health and Care Policy Commission Consultation Mental Health: the way forward This submission was made by Unite, which is the UK’s largest trade union... More


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