"I don't mean to, but I treat my elder daughter badly"

ACP member Ryan Lowe lent her expert opinion to a real-life scenario published in the Guardian's weekly Problem Solved column.

A mother of two wrote into the newspaper asking for help as she couldn't stop herself treating her two daughters differently. "Obviously I don't mean to, but I treat my elder daughter badly; not physically, but I have said some nasty things or it has been the tone of my words," the mother explains. "I am the problem. I grew up with a lot of criticism from my parents, who thought I needed to be perfect," she continues.

Ryan, who works as a consultant child and family therapist, says: "You have enough insight to know you are in real difficulty, but not enough to see your way out of it. It is not an uncommon dynamic, to project the parts of yourself that you don't care for on to the child who appears most similar to you."

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