'My 16-year-old nephew has a big problem with my sister's new partner'

ACP member Rachel Melville-Thomas has contributed her expert opinion to a recent real life scenario featured in the Guardian's Problem Solved page. She tackles the difficult issues arising after a reader's teenage nephew began reacting badly after his mother's partner moved in with them. The reader asks if taking control of the situation themselves and reading their nephew "the riot act would snap him out of his semi-hysterical behaviour pattern?".

Rachel advises that there is no quick fix for such a situation - "this is about an adolescent trying to get to grips with a blended family", she says. "All the research says it takes one to two years. So don't expect it to be instant."

She goes on to explain how the commonest teenage worries are largely to do with who young people are, where they belong, what they look like and who they are going to be when they are not their parents' child. "At the moment, your nephew doesn't know how to be a reasonable man or who should be his role model: his father, who is verbally agressive or his new stepfather."

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