New ACP Executive member and representative for Scotland

The ACP Chair, Heather Stewart, is pleased to announce the results of election for a Scottish representative.

There were two strong candidates for Scottish member to the ACP Executive and the majority of Scottish members used their vote (in the tradition of the referendum vote). I am pleased to announce that Joanne Young won this election and will now be the Scottish representative. This will be an important role within the ACP as we go forward in our efforts to professionalise our organisation, with our dual functions of protecting the public and promoting the profession. I am sure that Joanne will want to consult with fellow Scottish members about how to represent them within the ACP to ensure that there is a good understanding of the different systems and issues in NHS Sotland.

Many congratulations to Joanne and welcome to the Executive.

Joanne writes: 

I qualified in Medicine from the University of Glasgow in 1980 and worked in various medical jobs as a junior doctor and more latterly as a senior Paediatric doctor for over 20 years.  I also work two days per week as a Child Psychotherapist in CAMHS - I trained at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations in Edinburgh and qualified in 2008. I was recently awarded my Doctorate in child psychotherapy for my research in child and adolescent diabetes with a thesis title of ‘The Internal World of Children with Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: the use of the Winnicott Squiggle Game as an assessment tool’. 

I would see the role of the Scottish member of the ACP Executive as representing the views of Scottish members and facilitating communication between the Executive and members in Scotland, both NHS and those working in the voluntary and private sectors. This is especially necessary since health structures and provision in Scotland differ markedly from those in the rest of the UK.