The NICE children’s attachment quality standard (QS133) is published

The NICE children’s attachment quality standard (QS133) was published on the NICE website yesterday. The ACP contributed to the standard identifying key areas including, comprehensive assessment and the role of specialists, the specific needs of looked after and adopted children and very young children.

You can view the quality standard by following this link: or see: children’s attachment topic overview.

This quality standard covers the identification, assessment and treatment of attachment difficulties and focusses on children and young people up to age 18 who are:

  • on the edge of care (those considered to be at high risk of going into care)
  • looked after by local authorities in foster homes (including kinship foster care)
  • in special guardianship
  • adopted from care
  • in residential units and other accommodation.

ACP registered child psychotherapists are experts in attachment and understanding attachment difficulties and disorders. If you would like more information about child psychotherapy and the work of the ACP and it's members, please contact us at: or

The NICE children's attachment quality standard is also endorsed by the Department of Health as required by the Health and Social Care Act (2012). A number of organisations recognise the benefit of this quality standard in improving care, including the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Association of Child Psychotherapists.

This is the list of quality statements:

    Statement 1. Children and young people who may have attachment difficulties, and their parents or carers, have a comprehensive assessment before any intervention programme.

    Statement 2. Children and young people with attachment difficulties have an up-to-date education plan setting out how they will be supported in school.

    Statement 3. Parents and carers of preschool-age children with or at risk of attachment difficulties are offered a video feedback programme.

    Statement 4. Health and social care provider organisations provide training, education and support programmes for carers of school aged children and young people with attachment difficulties.

    A summary of the consultation comments, prepared by the NICE quality standards team and the full set of consultation comments are also available at:  

    All consultation comments were considered by the Quality Standards Advisory Committee (QSAC) and the minutes of this meeting are available: