NICE: policy consultation update

In June and July the ACP contributed to two NICE consultations as part of its ongoing policy work. Last month Maggie Cohen responded to a draft scope consultation for a new NICE guideline on the developmental follow up of pre-term babies. The consultation on the draft guideline is scheduled for February 2017. You can read our submission on the Latest Policy page.

On Monday (July 13) the ACP submitted a response to the NICE consultation on the draft guideline for Children's attachment. A small group of ACP members - Alison Roy, Jenifer Wakelyn, Angela Evans and Louise Phillips - contributed their time to this submission. You can read it on the Latest Policy page.

This month NICE is renewing its call for evidence on harmful sexual behaviour among children and young people. As a registered stakeholder the ACP is able to send any relevant published or unpublished information. For more details of the information NICE is looking for click here - if you are interested please get in touch with Nina Jacobs at The deadline for submissions is 14 August.

Many thanks to all who contributed their time to these submissons. If you are interested in contributing to policy work please get in touch with the Media team - contact details on the front page of the website.