Problem Solved: ACP member gives expert opinion

Child psychotherapist Tess Bailey-Sayer is the latest ACP member to contribute her expert opinion to a real life scenario published in the Guardian's weekly Problem Solved page.

She offers advice to a mother whose nine-year-old daughter does not like wearing skirts or trousers preferring instead to wear shorts. She questions her decision to let her daughter wear shorts despite comments from other parents that they are age-inapppropriate and appear to look like "hotpants". The mother asks if she is wrong to think her daughter should wear what she feels comfortable in.

Tess explains that it is important to let children be children and to protect that feeling of freedom and lack of self-consciousness they have for as long as possible, "because, then, it enables them to develop their personality and sense of identity based on who they really are" - rather than on what someone else thinks of them.

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