Reported child abuse cases continue to rise

The number of recorded sexual offences against children in England and Wales has risen by a third, the NSPCC says. There were 31,000 offences recorded in the year up to April 2014, up 8,500 on the previous year. There was also a significant rise in Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

A spokesman said high-profile cases had "played a contributory factor" in encouraging people to come forward. Jon Brown, from the NSPCC's sexual abuse programme, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that cases in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and elsewhere had helped prompt "children, young people and adults to speak about abuse that is either happening to them or has happened to them." 

The ACP has previously highlighted the need for more specialist mental health services and practitioners, challenging the cutting of posts and downgrading of well trained and experienced staff.

An ACP spokesperson said: "We should be resourcing the child mental health workforce, to make sure that it can provide the right support and therapy needed for those children and young people who have experienced significant trauma through abuse.

"Specialist and early intervention is also vital and needs to be made available not only for those who are suffering as a result of abuse - but for those children and young people who themselves have begun to groom or abuse other children."

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The NSPCC research, gathered through Freedom of Information Act requests to 43 police forces, has been released to coincide with the publication of the charity's How Safe are our Children report, which complies latest child protection data.