Young person writes about what has helped her when she feels depressed

Following on from a recent post where a young woman, NRM shared one of her strategies about how to overcome anxiety, a 17 year old young woman has responded by talking about some of her difficulties and the things she found helpful. She spoke to ACP member, Ferelyth Watt.

"When I was depressed,  I think it would have been really helpful to talk with other young people about it.

"When you're depressed you think that it is only you that has it and it is really good to find out that other people do too.  It is good to talk to other young people who have been through it and found ways to deal with it; you need a role model.

"When I self-harmed, I didn't do it because I wanted to; I just felt I had to, it felt good. I didn’t want to do it and talking helped to find something I could do instead, an exchange almost. For me it was song writing.  I use this to express my feelings about things. For someone else it could be something different." 

What the therapist should know

"When you go to see someone from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) it can be very intimidating. It is hard to sit there and answer questions all the time, this is so intense.  It can feel like a one way conversation. There needs to be a flowing conversation, between you and the therapist, like when we are just chatting. 
"The therapist has to let the young person find them so that they can begin to trust the them and learn."

Find your voice

Young people with mental health problems need a way to voice things, for example through drama, music and singing. Devise some spoken word, talk about one of your favourite songs.....this will help to tell the therapist about you and what is on your mind.