31st December, 2016

The eldest of four children of a single mother, contacted the Guardian Problem Solved Column. She described her brother as not having a career, friends or money and still living ... More

23rd December, 2016

The ACP was represented at an event for teachers, researchers and parents, campaigning to change the way children are assessed in schools. Alison Roy, the ACP Media and Communications... More

16th December, 2016

New research from New Zealand says that people who 'cost' the state a lot in services as adults are already identifiable as toddlers, see: More

11th December, 2016

A reader wrote to Annalisa Barbieri (The Guardian's Problem Solved Columnist) about her relationship with her elder sister, both now in their 20s and living... More

7th December, 2016

The primary findings of the IMPACT study - examining the treatment of adolescent depression (comparing STPP - Short term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, CBT and what is called a Brief Psychosocial... More

1st December, 2016

ACP Chair, Heather Stewart, had a letter printed in the Evening Standard, welcoming Rosamund Urwin’s timely reminder of the plight of women in abusive relationships and the lack of... More

30th November, 2016

A treatment Manual for Short-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (STPP) was launched at the Tavistock Clinic on Friday 25 November.Short-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy (STPP) now a manualized... More

23rd November, 2016

Century Films have made a series of three documentaries about the Tavistock Clinic on Channel 4. One featuring the Gender identity Development Service, one about Gloucester House, the... More

23rd November, 2016

The Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) has signed up to the Equality4Mental Health Cross Party initiative launched last week by former Health Ministers. The ACP believes strongly that if we... More

18th November, 2016

Young person NRM, writes about the constant pressure on children and young people today and how important it is to avoid using success or fail labels. “Some people are naturally adept... More


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