7th February, 2017

ACP's ABC of child mental health continues today with B for Building Bridges and partnerships to support children with mental health problems.The ACP supports partnership working and... More

6th February, 2017

The ACP's ABC of child mental health is hoping to raise awareness about child mental health issues this week, looking at some of the more complex difficulties our members deal with... More

29th January, 2017

A young person wrote to Annalisa Barbieri at the Guardian Problem Solved Column saying, "I’m overweight for my age (I’m 13 and 60kg or 9.5 stone) and it’s consumed my life... More

22nd January, 2017

ACP member Georgina Taylor and her psychotherapy colleague, Frances Fox, spoke about the PM's speech on BBC Radio Bristol, agreeing that there is a need for access to specialists ... More

11th January, 2017

On 13th December 2016, the Children and Social Work Bill was discussed in Parliament. Ministers sought to introduce amendments 26 and 27, with numerous clauses, to the Bill to ensure a national... More

11th January, 2017

Theresa May has unveiled her vision for a shared society and argues for child mental health to be prioritised. She stated in her speech that mental health has been "dangerously... More

31st December, 2016

The eldest of four children of a single mother, contacted the Guardian Problem Solved Column. She described her brother as not having a career, friends or money and still living ... More

23rd December, 2016

The ACP was represented at an event for teachers, researchers and parents, campaigning to change the way children are assessed in schools. Alison Roy, the ACP Media and Communications... More

16th December, 2016

New research from New Zealand says that people who 'cost' the state a lot in services as adults are already identifiable as toddlers, see: More

11th December, 2016

A reader wrote to Annalisa Barbieri (The Guardian's Problem Solved Columnist) about her relationship with her elder sister, both now in their 20s and living... More


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