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Staff & Officers

Delivery of the ACP's business and operations is led by the Chief Executive with the Executive Directors, a small staff team and officers appointed to key roles. There are also a large number of members not listed here who work for the ACP in a voluntary capacity and who undertake imporant duties for the Association. 

The ACP Staff Team are:

  • Chief Executive - currently vacant
  • Business Manager - Jessica Jarmon
  • Community and Events Manager - Claire Pestana
  • Executive Assistant - Tessa Trabue
  • Operations and Membership Officer - Zaira Lorefice

The current Officers of the ACP are:

  • CPD Lead - Louise O'Dwyer
  • Ethical Practice Group, Chair - Katie Lewis
  • Journal Editor in Chief - Alexandra de Rementeria
  • Journal Editor - Rachel Acheson
  • Journal Editor Assistant - Krisna Catsaras
  • Journal Editor Assistant - Lucy Mills
  • Registrar - Louise O'Dwyer
  • Social Media Officer - Maya Flexer
  • Training Development Lead - Mel Serlin