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Continuing Professional Development

All Full members of the ACP are required to carry out a certain level of professional activities annually that support and enable their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), eg attending training courses, reading academic literature or working for the professional body.

Members are required to carry out a minimum number of clinical hours and a minimum number of hours of other professional activities and learning. Members also have a required number of hours of supervision that they must receive annually depending on their experience.

Members complete a ‘CPD return’ for the ACP between September and November each year for the preceding academic year (September to August). Members will not be able to register for the following year until their return has been authorised by their supervisor and the Director of Professional Standards.

Current CPD policy can be found here

Current Supervision policy can be found here

CPD Audit

Each year the ACP carry out an audit of their CPD returns to ensure standards. Five per cent of the CPD returns are selected semi-randomly and the members are asked to provide further information and evidence of their CPD. 

Audit Report of 2018-19 CPD Year

Audit Report of 2017-18 CPD Year

Audit Report of 2016-17 CPD Year

Audit Report of 2015-16 CPD Year

Audit Report of 2014-15 CPD Year 

Audit Report of 2013-14 CPD Year