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Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee is one of the main parts of the ACP with the function of protecting the public.

It has two main aims: to ensure that the public are protected and to support ACP members to achieve and maintain the highest standards of professional practice.  

The seven key functions of the committee are:

  • The annual registration (collection of relevant fees) of all members and ongoing issues of membership.
  • The collection and monitoring of the annual CPD returns and annual audit.
  • To provide advice for members about their practice in terms of the professional code and to handle complaints, disciplinary procedures, and sanctions.
  • The presentation and acceptance of newly qualified members for ACP membership.
  • The management of applicants who wish to join the ACP but are not trained in an ACP accredited Training school.
  • The setting of standards for the employment of ACP members and liaison with employers.
  • To maintain a link with the Independent Practice Group.

Professional Standards Committee

  • Jo Goldsmith - Director of Professional Standards and Chair of Ethical Practice Group
  • Louise O'Dwyer - Registrar, Deputy Director of Professional Standards and CPD Lead
  • Eve Grainger - Employment Standards Group Lead
  • Paul Bell - Independent Practice Group Lead
  • Julia Mikardo - Committee Member


  • Ethical Practice Group
  • Employment Standards Group
  • Independent Practice Group