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Members Under Sanction or Expelled

Notification of Sanction

The Chair of the Disciplinary Panel shall also produce a concise note for posting on the Association’s website which identifies the allegation made, nature of the breach of the Code found, save for health-related breaches, the Member responsible and any sanction applied.

The note shall remain posted for 18 months, save where the sanction is:

  • a restriction on practice, in which case the note shall remain posted for the period of the restriction or 18 months, whichever is the longer;
  • a suspension, in which case the note shall remain posted for 18 months or six months after the suspension has lapsed, whichever is the longer; or
  • an expulsion, which shall remain posted for 10 years.

The Ethical Practice Group Chair/Lead may write to any employer of the Member identifying the Member and supplying the information contained in the concise note once it is published on the Association’s website.

Members under sanction


Danny O'Shea


Expelled Members

There are currently no expelled members.