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09:00 - 16:00

ACP Annual Conference 2024 - Inside Digital Lives: Growing up in the Information Age

The ACP Annual Conference will take place on Saturday, 22 June 2024 and Sunday, 23 June 2024 from 9:00 – 16:00 via Zoom.

Inside Digital Lives: Growing up in the Information Age has significant meaning for children and adolescents in how their internal emotional worlds are shaped by the external online world and technology. It has relevance for us as child and adolescent psychotherapists in our working lives, not just in the world now but also in the world to come. The title and theme of the conference hopes to broaden and enrich our understanding further – through a contemporary lens – on the relationship between psychoanalytic thinking and personality development which was conceptualised by Margot Waddell (1998) in the iconic work ‘Inside Lives’ – Psychoanalysis and the Growth of the Personality, Tavistock Clinic Series, Karnac.

Inside Lives is an introduction to the factors which develop or inhibit the mind in all stages of life from a psychoanalytic point of view. It traces the interplay between influences – internal and external – which contribute to a person’s character strength and sense of identity. It provides a perspective on the relationship between psychoanalytic theory and the nature of human development. A quarter of a century later, what are our experiences as clinicians in understanding these processes for the children, young people and families that we work with from a psychoanalytic perspective? In what ways can the online ‘world’ and its influence on a child’s developing internal world be quantified? How does technology exist in the day-to-day interactions between infants, children & adolescents as well as with their primary caregivers? What are the developmental implications for this? In contrast, can technology have a use within clinical work to help facilitate connection and understanding within the therapeutic relationship?

The ACP conference 2024 aims to provide members with an opportunity to discuss this highly relevant but often polarising subject through a programme of thought provoking and stimulating presentations. We are extremely pleased that our presenters this year represent members with a broad range of clinical experiences and are working across different settings.

Please join us for this inspiring conference which will include, in no particular order, the following presenters:

  • Jennifer Davids - ‘The digital object revisited’
  • Maeve Doherty - ‘Infant observation during lockdown: the screen as a psychic portal’
  • Dr Judith Edwards - ‘Instagran’
  • Dr Alessandra Lemma - ‘Becoming sexual in digital times: the risks and harms of online pornography’.
  • Ryan Lowe & Adele Braun - ‘Growing up digital’
  • Jessica Maliphant - ‘The search for self(ie)’
  • Dr Theodora Manolopoulou - ‘Weaning and separation in the times of cyborgs’
  • Prof Nick Midgley - ‘Can we do psychodynamic therapy via text messages? The case of internet-based psychodynamic therapy (IPDT) for depressed adolescents’.
  • Hillel Mirvis - ‘Can digital lives reflect what’s inside adolescents too?’
  • Marion Sangster – ‘How do CAPTs experience working with children and young people affected by online and technology-facilitated sexual harms?’


View the full programme here.


Conference Fees

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  • Qualified Member: £157.50                
  • Trainee Member: £133.50

Full price            

  • Qualified Member: £210.00
  • Trainee Member: £178.50