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The First 1001 Days of Life

The ACP and its members responsed to the Health and Social Care Committee Inquiry into the First 1001 Days of Life.

As frontline clinicians, working across health and social care, ACP Child Psychotherapists recognise and understand the central importance of the early years of a child's life, from conception to age 2, as being vital to their ongoing physical, mental and emotional health and development.

The evidence for the crucial importance of the period from conception to age 2, and thus the need to provide effective services that ensure the wellbeing of the child and family during this period, is well known and has been described in many publications and reports. 

In response the HSCC Inquiry the ACP produced a report in which we recommended the development and implementation of a national strategy from conception to age 2 that enables joined-up strategy and investment, both across Whitehall and at a local level. This should encompass universal services for all families but, crucially, recognise the need for specialist services appropriate to the complex challenges faced in providing services to the most vulnerable families.  

We also provided an annex to the report which detailed the work being undertaken by Child Psychotherapists across the UK in relation to the critical first 1001 days.