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Eating Disorder


A Psychotherapeutic Understanding of Eating Disorders in Children and Young People - Magagna, Jeanne (2022)

This important book shows how psychotherapy can address severe eating disorders in children and young people, illustrating the ways an imprisoned self can be released from suffering. The book features a range of case studies while addressing core issues such as self-harm, hallucinations and the threat of suicide, as well as related topics such as depression and psychosis.

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Internal Landscapes and Foreign Bodies: Eating Disorders and Other Pathologies - Williams, Gianna (1997)

Internal Landscapes and Foreign Bodies explores the problems which arise in forming and sustaining intimate relationships. This book is based on Gianna Williams' work over many years in the Tavistock Clinic, including work in the Eating Disorders Workshop of the Adolescent Department. It examines how dependency is defended against in a variety of ways, which involve refusing to take in good experiences, by keeping some relationships at bay and controlling others. 

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Exploring Feeding Difficulties in Children and Adolescents: The Generosity of Acceptance -  Williams, Gianna et al. (2003)

The number of people suffering from different eating disorders has grown dramatically within the last twenty years. These two volumes examine feeding difficulties and eating disorders in children and adolescents, from babies to 19-year-olds. The volumes consist of clinical cases that describe the process of psychoanalytic psychotherapy used to treat the patients.

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