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The First 1001 Days Movement

The First 1001 Days Movement is a group of organisations and professionals working together to campaign about the importance of the emotional wellbeing of babies.

The first 1001 days include pregnancy and the first two years of a child's life. There is clear, compelling evidence that this is a significant and influential phase in development. This is an age of opportunity. What happens during this period lays the foundation for every child’s future health, wellbeing, learning and earnings potential. It sets the groundwork for children’s developing emotional wellbeing, resilience and adaptability; the competencies they need to thrive. During this period we can lay a foundation of health and wellbeing whose benefits last a lifetime – and carry into the next generation.

The ACP is a member organisation of the movement and many Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists are also directly involved. Our Chief Executive, Nick Waggett, has been elected to the Steering Group of the First 1001 Days Movement.

The vision of the movement is that every baby has loving and nurturing relationships in a society that values emotional wellbeing and development in the first 1001 days, from pregnancy, as the critical foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life.

The mission of the movement is to drive change by inspiring, supporting and challenging national and local decision makers to value and invest in babies’ emotional wellbeing and development in the first 1001 days.

There is more information about the First 1001 Days Movement on the Parent Infant Foundation Website 

You can also read the ACP's response to the Health and Social Care Committee Inquiry into the First 1001 Days of Life here