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Treat Them Right

The Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) is campaigning for all child and adolescent mental health services to have access to an ACP registered child psychotherapist, so every child can benefit from their skills, expertise and experience as part of a truly comprehensive system of support.

ACP registered child psychotherapists are amongst the most skilled and highly trained mental health professionals working with children and young people as an essential part of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and other mental health services. They are a crucial element of the truly comprehensive system of support everyone wants to see in place, particularly for children with complex problems.                  

However, that support is under threat due to the uncertainty over the funding of training for ACP registered child psychotherapists and the squeeze on resources for CAMHS. Unless we tackle that twin threat, we will never have the comprehensive system of support needed to effectively treat mental health problems among children and young people.

That’s why we are launching “Treat Them Right” and calling for the government to commit to training and funding the next generation of highly skilled mental health professionals so they can play a central role in delivering the comprehensive system of support for children and young people we all want to see in place.

For all enquiries please contact the ACP office on 0207 922 7751 or at