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Looked After & Adopted


Waiting To Be Found: Papers on Children In Care - Briggs, Andrew (2012)

The contributors to this book each explore the importance of relationship; whether between child and care system, child and clinician or other practitioner, practitioners with practitioners, or individuals with the organisation in which they work. Overall they demonstrate when attention is paid to any one of these relationships this determines emotional-psycho-social success for the child, and how when this attention is missing serious issues arise.

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Towards Belonging: Negotiating New Relationships For Adopted Children And Those In Care - Briggs, Andrew (2015)

This book includes contributions from a wide range of interested observers and practitioners in the field of children in care and adoption, focusing on a core aspect of their emotional well-being and mental health. It focuses in particular on psychoanalytic, systemic and attachment theory approaches to the question of 'belonging': can these children allow themselves to belong to their new families, and also can these new families allow themselves to belong to these children?

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The Emotional Experience of Adoption: A Psychoanalytic Perspective - Hindle, Debbie & Shulman, Graham (2008)

Adoption is an extremely complex and emotionally demanding process for all those involved. This book explores the emotional experience of adoption from a psychoanalytic perspective, and demonstrates how psychoanalytic understanding and treatment can contribute to thinking about and working with adopted children and their families.

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Psychotherapy with Young People in Care: Lost and Found - Hunter, Margaret (2001)

Whilst there is a wealth of literature on working with children and adolescents, very little focuses on those who are in residential or foster care. Psychotherapy with Young People in Care is a practical guide to working with this group from a psychoanalytic therapeutic perspective.

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Creating New Families: Therapeutic Approaches to Fostering, Adoption and Kinship Care - Kenrick, Jenny et al. (2006)

Creating New Families is intended to reflect the practice of the specialist, multi-disciplinary Fostering and Adoption team in the Child and Family Department of the Tavistock Clinic. The team is firmly rooted in an approach which values inter-disciplinary working for the contribution which the thinking of each discipline makes to the overall endeavour with the child and family.

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A for Adoption. An Exploration of the Adoption Experience for Families and Professionals - Roy, Alison (2020)

The experience of adoption—both adopting and being adopted—can stir up deep emotional pain, often related to loss and early trauma. A for Adoption provides insight and support to those families and individuals facing these complex processes and challenges.

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Being Taken In: The Framing Relationship - Sutton, Sarah (2014)

Why is love not enough for children whose early lives have been disturbing? What makes it so hard for such children to make the most of new relationships? How can we help children whose minds are adapted to adversity take in new experience? In the new era of brain research, neuroscience shows the way ahead.

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Therapeutic Approaches with Babies and Young Children in Care: Observation and Attention - Wakelyn, Jenifer (2019)

Therapeutic Approaches for Babies and Young Children in Care: Observation and Attention is about the value of observation and close attention for babies and young children who may be vulnerable to psychological and attachment difficulties. 

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