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Containment and Reciprocity: Integrating Psychoanalytic Theory and Child Development Research for Work with Children - Douglas, Hazel (2007)

Containment and Reciprocity shows how the psychoanalytic concept of containment and the child development concept of reciprocity can be used together to inform clinical work with young children and their families. Using extracts of mother/child and therapist/child interactions, Hazel Douglas explores, for the first time, the relationship between these concepts, and shows how they underpin the quality of an attachment.

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A Practical Psychoanalytic Guide to Reflexive Research - Holmes, Joshua (2018)

A Practical Psychoanalytic Guide to Reflexive Research offers an accessible guide to enriched qualitative research. In this novel approach, the researcher’s feelings and empathy in relation to participants take centre stage, leading to fresh, exciting and usable research findings. 

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Child Psychotherapy and Research: New Approaches, Emerging Findings - Midgley, Nick et al. (2009)

Child Psychotherapy and Research brings together some of the most exciting and innovative research activity taking place within psychoanalytic child psychotherapy today. Drawing on the expertise of an international range of contributors, this book describes work at the cutting edge of research in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy and related areas.

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Essential Research Findings in Child and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy - Midgley, Nick;  Hayes, Jacqueline & Cooper, Mick (2017)

What can child and adolescent counselors and therapists learn from research? What evidence is there for the effectiveness of different therapies and techniques? How can developmental or neuroscience research inform or inspire therapeutic work with young people?

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New Discoveries in Child Psychotherapy: Findings from Qualitative Research - Rustin, Margaret & Rustin, Michael (2019) 

New Discoveries in Child Psychotherapy presents eleven new contributions to child psychoanalytic research, most of them based on the experience of the clinical consulting room. Each chapter is the work of an experienced child psychotherapist or child analyst, vivid in their description of the children and families they encountered.

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