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How to Get Treatment

Child and adolescent psychotherapy is available free through multidisciplinary Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) within the NHS, though access does vary around the country. It is also available in some schools, hospitals and through voluntary agencies.

Ask your GP, health visitor, social worker or child’s school for a referral to your local CAMHS or for information on whether child psychotherapy assessment or treatment is available in other local services. Some services accept self-referrals.

If you are interested in seeking the kind of help a child and adolescent psychotherapist can offer and are in a position to fund this yourself, you may be able to find a practitioner working privately in your area. There is no standard scale of fees and all therapists will discuss their charges on an individual basis with their clients. You should not feel inhibited about asking how much each stage will cost before you make an appointment.


To find a child and adolescent psychotherapist in private practice use Find a Child Psychotherapist.