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Information for Young People

You may well be reading this as you are worried about yourself and would like to know why you are feeling like this and how to get help. 

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is a talking therapy.  It is the talking through of feelings and putting words to your emotions and behaviour that can help you understand your worries and difficulties. Emotions can build up, leaving you feeling sad, angry, even frightened and confused. 

Talking about feelings,  can help shift and lighten the load of your worries and upsets.  This will support you in thinking more easily, about your relationships and feel better about yourself. 

Other things you might need to know 

When meeting with a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist for the first time, depending on your age, you might be with a parent and you will probably have some time on your own with the psychotherapist, once you feel comfortable. It might feel strange or embarrassing meeting the psychotherapist for the first time and talking about your worries, but they will understand this and start slowly  talking about what is worrying you.

If you decide to meet again with your therapist this could be on your own or together with your parent (s) for a while. You could meet with them once a week or more  than this, depending on how much help you need at the time. Regular appointments will be at the same time and place, and usually be for around  50 mins. There could be separate appointments for your parents too, for you all to keep in touch with your progress. But, what you talk about in therapy will be private between you and your therapist, unless there is a worry about you being at risk in someway and the therapist will talk with you about this.