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Resource Pack for NHS Services

We are pleased to share two new ACP documents which we hope will support managers and professionals in developing child and adolescent psychotherapy in the NHS across the UK. The aim is to build on recent successes in strengthening the position of child psychotherapy at a national level, such as securing a 25% increase in training places, to ensure these are translated into developments at a local level in all regions and devolved nations. 

We have produced a large number of documents and papers in making the case nationally and have pulled these together into a ‘Resource Pack’ . Some of this is written in the context of aligning child psychotherapy to the NHS long term plan for England but has relevance in the devolved nations and we are actively working with members in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to adapt the evidence to local policies and conditions.

The second document is a leaflet called “Supporting NHS Mental Health Service and Workforce Development across the UK”.  The aim is to demonstrate the ways in which Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists, as one of the 12 NHS core Psychological Professions, are working with government bodies, service providers and our fellow professionals to support the very welcome expansion of mental health services for infants, children, young people and their families and the associated developments in the NHS workforce to enable these ambitions.