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A Question of Technique. Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescents Series - Lanyado, Monica & Horne, Ann  (eds)(2006)

A Question of Technique focuses on what actually happens in the therapy room and on the technical decisions and pressures that are faced daily.

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Minding the Child: Mentalization-based interventions with children, young people and their families - Midgley, Nick & Vrouva, Ioanna (2012)

What is "mentalization"? How can this concept be applied to clinical work with children, young people and families? What will help therapists working with children and families to "keep the mind in mind"? Why does it matter if a parent can "see themselves from the outside, and their child from the inside"?

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Mentalization-Based Treatment for Children: A Time-Limited Approach - Midgley, Nick et al. (2017)

Mentalization-based treatment (MBT) promotes clients' ability to interpret the meaning of others' behavior by considering their underlying mental states and intentions, as well as clients' capacity to understand the impact of their own behaviors on others. This book is the first comprehensive clinical introduction to using this approach with children, 5-12 years old, who experience emotional and behavioral problems including anxiety, depression, and relational difficulties.

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Experiencing Endings and Beginnings - Salzberger-Wittenberg, Isca (2013)

Throughout life we undergo many changes in our circumstances, beginnings and endings of relationships, gains and losses. This book highlights the emotional turmoil which, to a greater or lesser extent, accompanies these changes.

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Time-Limited Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents: An Interactive Approach - Schmidt Neven, Ruth (2017)

At a time when there is increasing concern about the escalation of child and adolescent mental health problems, Time-limited Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents provides an innovative contextual model that engages the child or young person and their parents.

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