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Treat Them Right News

Launch of ACP Report: 'Silent Catastrophe'

'Silent Catastrophe' Further evidence of NHS CAMHS failing children and young people with most severe needs
Today, the Association of child (ACP), has launched a report, ‘Silent Catastrophe’, which provides new evidence of the inadequacy of NHS mental health services for children and young people (CAMHS) and shows that this is due not only to chronic underfunding but also to the way in which some services are being restructured.

Luciana Berger MP supports Treat Them Right

Luciana Berger MP lends her support to the ACP's campaign Treat Them Right. Sharing our concerns over funding and resources for child and adolescent mental health services and the need for services to have access to ACP child and adolescent registered psychotherapists, so that every child can benefit from their skills, expertise and experience as part of a truly comprehensive system of support.