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The Firework-Maker’s Daughter

This book is fascinating adventure story, about a Lila a girl who has an ambition to be a firework maker herself. Her father does not think this is a suitable choice for her, and so she sets off herself on a journey to complete the final tasks she must do to become a firework maker. The journey is full of risks and dangers and there are moments when it seems that she might not succeed. This is a story about the importance of believing in yourself, and persevering, even when you have to face a number of difficulties, including other people not believing in you. It is also about the inner strnegths that we often hold inside ourselves, without realising. This book may feel particularly relevant in the current climate of the pandemic, as many children and young people perhaps feel there are insurmountable obstacles preventing them from achieving their goals and reaching their potential, and are full of self doubt. It also speaks to the idea of not allowing people to define you based upon identified characteristics, such as being a girl.

The Fire-Maker's Daughter is availible to purchase here