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Journal of Child Psychotherapy

The Journal of Child Psychotherapy is the official scientific journal of the Association of Child Psychotherapists and is published three times a year. It is an important meeting point for theoretical and clinical discussions and debates in the field of child psychotherapy, both in the UK and internationally. The Journal  was first published in 1963.  

The Journal’s editorial board welcomes submissions of papers that are either ready or in the process of being prepared for publication. Any child psychotherapist or psychotherapist in training can get in touch with the Editors to discuss work in progress.

The scope of the Journal encompasses a wide range of ideas regarding the theory and practice of child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy, including work with infants, children and young people and their parents. It is concerned with a wide spectrum of emotional and behavioural disorders, ranging from the more severe conditions of autism, anorexia and depression and the traumas of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, to problems such as bedwetting and soiling, eating difficulties and sleep disturbance. The Journal is also open to papers covering research in the field, and the applications of child and adolescent psychoanalytic theory and practice in other settings or fields.

The Journal’s Editorial Board at present consists of:

Editor in Chief: Alexandra de Rementeria

Journal Editor: Maria Papadima

Book Reviews Editor: Kate Purdy

Research Digest Editor: Rachel Acheson

Clinical Commentary Editor: Elizabeth Francis

Associate Editors: Robert Fleming, Deborah Marks, Malby Oliver, Miranda Passey, Tara Pepper Goldsmith


The Journal of Child Psychotherapy is published by Taylor and Francis.

NB. ACP Members who wish to access the journal will need to log into the member's area of the ACP website here.